About Us

The soul behind the brand is fashion designer and tailor Tince Benmouhoub - originally from Latvia and living in Scotland since 2006.

Having a Master's degree in Fashion (specializing in ladies' clothing) Tince started growing her clientele and created a business back home, however after two successful Fashion Collections, she moved to the UK with the desire to explore more. 

In 2006 she arrived in Scotland and soon after got married and became a mum for two boys - raising a family put her creative activities on pause for ten years. This time made her realize that her life is not only about being a mum but also being a fashion designer - she was ready to get back in the business only this time - in a new form. 

In 2017 she re-established her company and called it TINCCE.

By having worked with many women we are aware of our clients' needs:

  1. To be full of energy and happy;
  2. To be attractive;
  3. To be unique.

This is exactly what we offer and deliver to our clients. Each item is first created from an idea, then hand-drawn, and patterns are made to become a clothing item.

Every jacket, blouse, dress, trousers, or accessory is made with great attention to detail and is custom-made to fit the client like a glove with long-term use.

The time we live in now requires us to know what we really want, and we will be there to give you the advice you need and create the item which will bring out your uniqueness!

Contact us and let's discuss how we can make your next look or occasion unique!